Impact of Coronavirus on Dental Treatments

The pandemic has forced millions of us to be cooped up in our homes in fear of contracting the Coronavirus. Dental clinics are one of the many services to take a back seat as a result of the virus as dentists often use aerosols that can hasten the spread through cough, sneeze, or dental care. That’s a key reason why most dental offices have refused to take in their clients. While this stands to prevent the spread of the virus, there are several ill-effects of delayed dental routine care. Here are three of them:

  • Untreated gum disease

Unless you have a dentist in the family, many people with dental problems have simply been forced to live through their dental pain this last year. Considering people have been spending the majority of their time indoors, their tendency to snack on junk food has only rocketed skyward; this could lead to gum diseases that would require immediate treatment.

  • Untreated toothaches

Living with toothaches is never a pleasant experience, especially when you have conditions like root canal infection lurking around. A side-effect of the pandemic is that people have had to hold down their pain because no dental office is willing to take the risk by taking in an at-need patient.

  • Other dental problems

While not every dental problem is painful, there are plenty that requires attention from dentists to ensure they don’t lead to complications. What could have been treated previously with a simple dental examination and cleaning would now require you to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get treated.

To conclude, the concerns related to Coronavirus are still considerably high, but there are several wellness-centered dentistry practices taking all measures to ensure safe treatment. Add to this; there are several practices that are treating patients with a prior negative virus test, so weigh in your options and go for a consultation to have your dental needs tended to.



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